Vídeo Marketing

In CPWORKS we make your organization’s videos work according to your marketing strategy. We work with video marketing and audiovisual media to promote business campaigns in the online medium that are being successful today.

Why should your company invest in video marketing?

Video is the preferred format for the public to receive communications from companies. Nowadays videos are consumed on a massive scale, pulling in consumers to advertiser websites.

In video marketing it is possible to get in relationship to the company with the client or receiver. Some of the reasons that make these contents so attractive are:


They go far beyond the text

The video allows us to use many other narrative elements that facilitate dialogue with customers.


They are faster

The combination of image, text and sound encourages many more things to be communicated in less time.



It is content with movement and rhythm and is visually much more attractive to the consumer.


They explain better what the company wants to communicate

The use of different elements to transmit the message facilitates its understanding.

¿Quieres ver más ejemplos de Video Marketing?

En CPWORKS te ayudamos a definir tu vídeo según las necesidades de tu audiencia. Con un solo ‘click’ tus clientes podrán ver y compartir tu vídeo, así tu campaña de marketing se ajustará a la era moderna audiovisual en que vivimos.

Te dejamos a continuación dos ejemplos de Video Marketing, realizados para la Cerveza Alhambra y Seguros AXA respectivamente:

Tips for choosing an audiovisual production company

With the video marketing you will make your product more attractive and help the customer to decide more easily to purchase. The audiovisual content allows condensing the information sought to transmit and achieves very good results via mailing to clients.

It is an easy and agile method to attract attention, increase the chances of being found online (whether through Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and make your company stand out above others.

Through the video, your marketing campaign can be viewed by a broad audience through new technologies; mobile, tablets, etc. In addition, that message will be stuck in their minds and will generate confidence in the company.

With all this, video marketing allows an increase in sales and is one of the most profitable options to get new customers through the diffusion of television and online media

It is an easy and agile method to attract attention, increase the chances of being found online and make your company stand out above others.

Successful video marketing strategies for your business with CPWorks

In CPWORKS we create the marketing video to your measure to increase your positioning in the market, differentiating you from the competition, providing visibility to your company and improving your brand’s notoriety.

At CPWORKS we are your digital video professionals and we guide you through the audiovisual creation process of the videos that your company needs. We help you define the video objectives in your marketing strategy from the beginning:


Identify your needs


Carry out the best promotion


Choose broadcast channels


Define your target or target audience


Define the type of video that we want to create

Come to CPWORKS and we will create a budget for you with no obligation. You will see how a video marketing campaign is the best option, the best investment. Moreover, we have the most competitive prices in the market.

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