Street Marketing

At CPWORKS we advise and plan in the world of street marketing, a technique that uses public and urban places to advertise and promote products and brands.

Through street marketingadvertising is also distributed in an original way on the street; there are striking posters… And impressive and novel interventions are made in public places with creativity and originality. With this, people’s attention is directly impacted and the word-of-mouth advertising phenomenon (also called “buzz”) is created with great efficiency.

Impactful and innovative interventions are made in public places with creativity and originality

Benefits for your company of a street marketing campaign

Street marketing is a very cheerful technique and interacts the most directly with spectators. In this sense, advertising is not only “views” but becomes “lived” and lasts longer in people’s memories. It is one of the most daring advertising styles and gives your brand added interest that is only present in newspapers or magazines, television, radio or internet. It means truly reaching people.

These types of campaigns bring your company close to the customer in a novel way. And it is not about expensive campaigns either, but rather requires a good idea and organization.

In street marketing, it is not just about putting up a poster with your advertising in a subway station, but it is a more complex strategy that affects the “how” the person receives the advertising, to excel in this way above the competition for the extra originality and feedback it entails. It will increase your clientèle and your product, service and your brand in general will generate trust in the receiver and will be widely known in a positive way.

Objectives of a street marketing campaign

With street marketing it is intended to generate in the receiver an unrepeatable and impossible experience of living through usual means. In this marketing technique, a true communication event between the client and the company is created through its advertising. This advertising will not only be read or considered, but felt and lived on-site by the spectator, who will be pleasantly surprised.

There are several points to consider when planning a street marketing campaign:


The first thing is to define the main objective and that requires a market study, defining also your target or target audience.


With the market study we will learn about the ideal place to hold the campaign event.


All this must be accompanied by a prior budget.

Before launching the event, as in any creative project, brainstorming will be carried out to select among all the creative possibilities and choose which one best fits the previous objective and the values of the brand in question.


This advertising will not only be read or considered, but felt and lived on-site by the spectator, who will be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, we will also have to choose among the workers of the company who is most suitable to carry out the event. Obviously, the most communicative and organized profiles will have to be chosen, people who know the product or service to perfection and the brand to advertise and know how to present it. In this sense, it can also be proposed according to the event, the hiring of sales hostesses from another company, with the handicap that they must understand the product or service and the objectives of the campaign to perfection.

At CPWORKS we specialize in the creation and production of street marketing events. We make the best strategies through the different communication techniques and reach the recipient at street level in an agile and carefree way, involving the recipient of the advertising. Contact CPWORKS, we inform you without obligation.

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