Special Actions

There are multiple types of special actions and we accommodate them all at CPWorks. Let’s see what those advertising actions are, knowing that there is a Law that limits the use of advertising and that controls the use of these actions.

Types of special advertising actions

Among the different types of special advertising actions, we can find:

Product placement In it, advertising is included in television programs, series and movies. You can implement advertising at the time of the content or at a later time (virtually). With this, we have assured the audience of audiovisual content in our advertising.

Sponsorship is one of the most well-known special actions, with the issuance of spots before and/or after the contents, through the presenters or possible speakers of the program, etc.

Television content also includes advertising internal eyecatch as a special action. In other words, the program is interrupted for at least a minute to briefly explain the the advertiser’s qualities.

If instead of lasting around a minute it is a matter of a few seconds, the special action is then called an bump.

Tele-promotion is also quite similar to the internal moment, but in this case it is a recording that is broadcast in the middle of a program.

We also find the famous graphic overprints in television and internet, which are brief advertising and inform us about company products and services.

There are even virtual special actions: graphic animations with movement and dynamism that are also projected on top of the audiovisual content.

During sporting events broadcast by radio, television or internet we also find bursts of sound and image in changes of scenes, half times, repetitions of goals, etc.

Apparently, the same audiovisual media chains create their own special actions to self-promote, announcing their contents, programs and promotions that they need to communicate.

New ways of using special actions in different media, also in well-known street marketing and especially on the Internet, are increasing.

Acciones especiales publicitarias exitosas para tu empresa con CPWorks

If you are still unsure of how to carry out the best special action for your company, corporation, or organization, please contact CPWorks.

We also work on special advertising actions to allow the message to reach the viewer more effectively, bearing in mind that the advertising market is currently saturated with the most conventional advertising. It’s so you can stand out and differentiate yourself.

Experience supports us with great success. With us you will find the best professionals in the sector.

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