Product Photography

At CPWORKS we have the latest technology in product photography to increase your company’s sales. It is currently the best solution to get close to customers and generate confidence, since it creates an impeccable image.

Differences between product photography and advertising photography

The line that separates product photography with advertising photography is very thin. In the product photo the product “as it is” is presented, with a generally neutral background and far from the connotations that advertising photography usually implements.

The image of a product is about the presentation of the object or service and, as such, it is of great relevance because its quality depends on the trust placed on it by the customer and its possible sale.

At CPWorks we produce high-quality technical and creative photographs, which will make your product stand out above all others.


Tips for taking product photos

There are some important factors in product photography that vary the cost of production.

The first one is placement; whether the product has a fixed base, whether it has a grip, etc. If it is also about photographing food, which is another of our specialties in CPWORKS, extra care is required so that the product is presented in an appetizing manner and its best attributes can be captured.

It is also necessary to study are the necessary image adjustments of the product in question; if it has a more or less regular shape, if you want to show a bigger or smaller size than you really have, if you have to include effects, shadows, etc.

Another factor to take into account is the material that the object is made of ; If it is bright it will have more difficulty in being photographed, for example.

An important factor is also to assess what is the reaction of the product with light to modulate the foci and the background, since all this will also affect the editing phase of the photographs.

A professional product photograph will guarantee the end consumer’s purchase.

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The images of the products enable making the best publicity of of that element in catalogs, newspapers and magazines but above all it serves today for its sale through the Internet. A professional product photograph will guarantee the end consumer’s purchase.

In CPWORKS you will find all the details solved in the search for the best quality and professionalism for the creation of this type of images. Ask us for a budget without obligation.

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