Making Of

At CPWorks we are experts in creating “making of” spots.

What does “making of” mean?

The term “making of” was coined for the first time in 1996 by Kevin Fuentes. It is a concept that means “how it was made” and represents what happens behind the scenes in any event. It is a documentary video that explains the details of the creation of a film or television program. It is also known as Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and is an added value when it comes to promoting audiovisual documents and events.

Depending on the film or event, the “making of” can be a part of the production or it can become the most important part.

This technique is usually used to value and thank people who have worked in audiovisual productions and events, filming, etc.

We also see it as an extraordinary component in DVDs. Sometimes, it can have a more joking and casual tone and can be used to advertise some movies that have not yet been released.

At CPWorks we make the best “making of” for your audiovisual products, with faithful coverage throughout the course of the recording, with the most relevant players both in video format and in professional photography. Make more out of your event, remember better a conference, seminar, concert, a sports competition… Create your making of with CPWorks!

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