Interactive Video

We can say in the interactive video concept that is an audiovisual content emerged in 2008 that is multimedia and can interact with the user. That is, the passive viewer becomes an active user making decisions in order to decide the path and development of the audiovisual content in its journey (key to its success). And it does it in the same way as the famous books of the 1980s, the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series.

It takes into account the desire of the video user, which offers several options, alternatives or paths, to change the audiovisual history of the video through rich resources that better call the attention of the user and retain more in his memory. Characters, objects, various information or purchases in the same video with just one ‘click’.

An effective loyalty tool

Interactive video expands the user experience, now the protagonist, which intervenes by making the audiovisual content more personalized and original for them. Thus, the relationship between advertiser and spectator becomes closer and closer and complicity between both is achieved, which triggers an increase in clients and followers for the company, people with more commitment and involvement towards it (engagement).).

Estos vídeos pueden también llevar al usuario donde se quiera a través de links, como por ejemplo a la misma web o redes sociales de la empresa directamente. El vídeo interactivo atrae más la atención del espectador y durante más tiempo y hace que éste retenga con más facilidad mayor número de imputs y mensajes de la empresa en su memoria. Con ello se consigue que el usuario se fidelice con la marca, compre y siga vinculado a la misma.


The interactive video should be attractive to the user. Achieve their attention and consequent interaction. That way, it will easily improve your company image and you will surely register on the page and even become a customer without getting out of the video.


Interactive videos can have numerous functions: from the sale of products and services, customer acquisition, training of employees and/or students or simply publicizing them and making themselves known.


The interactive video can be used in an educational function, for academies and universities for example, since it can generate questions to answer and lessons to choose with great dynamism.

Innovation + big advantages

These videos also allow the recording of information from HOW users have interacted with the audiovisual content (reporting) and thus measure the data referring to their actions with databases or rankings.
Interactive video has great advantages and is very innovative and can also incorporate entertainment games, contests, opinion polls, menus and forms without departing from the same audiovisual content. These original elements allow increasing audiences and interest in the company by the viewer, who will easily recommend the product or brand announced to others and so on.

It is a type of video with very communicative features and is ideal for publishing information or making presentations of any kind, allowing the user to be the owner of the order of information and how to expand it to the letter and even choose plans used to view it.
Interactive video is also ideal for the creation of stories, long or short films, video clips and even documentaries, expanding their possibilities, making more innovative pieces, generating users that are more engaged in the narrative and with a much greater impact.

Creating an interactive video will improve the positioning of the company and launch in the best way its marketing campaign, advertising and corporativity.
Nowadays, in the audiovisual world, the most current and ground-breaking tool that connects the best companies and customers are Interactive Videos.

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