Audiovisual Production Company

An audiovisual production company lets your business be known through new channels and multimedia environments through original audiovisual productions that reach the target audience.

We currently live in a world where the image reigns. Nowadays, a professional video is the best way to convey a message effectively. Surely you will already be contemplating in the marketing strategy of your company to use the audiovisual language so that your customers receive in an appropriate way the information you want to communicate, especially if it is about promoting brands, products and services.

professional audiovisual production video, in addition to reaching the customer with ease, will help your company improve its image and positioning, and allow you to strengthen the relationship of your brand with your workers and customers.

Tips for choosing an audiovisual production company

If you have never contacted an audiovisual production company before, it is important that you look carefully for that video producer that best suits your needs. To help you in this process, here are some tips to choose the right audiovisual company for you:

Take time to see your portfolio

The portfolio is a fundamental part of every audiovisual production since it reflects the jobs and videos made for other companies. Give priority to producers who have worked for companies in your sector and review their work to get an idea of ??what kind of videos they can do.

Find the visual style you want for your company's image

There are many audiovisual producers in the market and, as such, many styles. Look at their projects, how they process the images of the videos and what aesthetics you would like for yours.

Do not shoot your budget

Make clear what the budget is you have to create the video and study the producer proposals.

Check the messages in your previous audiovisual productions

Look at the message that is transmitted in the producer works and if it is transferred to the audience in an appropriate way.

Be realistic

There are audiovisual producers of different types, so you should look for one that works with a similar spectrum of clients so that it suits your needs easily.

Sets out the ideas you want to communicate in your video

Talk to the audiovisual producers and tell them the idea you have in mind and do not let them impose their criteria. However, they are media professionals so let them advise you because they work daily with audiovisual content, although they do not know more about you than your company.

One-off deliveries

It establishes deadlines for delivery and that you commit to making deliveries based on the different milestones that are set in the planning.

Reach more people through audiovisual content

En un mundo donde el vídeo y los anuncios tienen una gran importancia, la productora audiovisual te ayuda a acercarte a tus clientes a través de nuevos canales de comunicación.

Formats adapted to get close to your target audience

Existe una amplia gama de formatos audiovisuales, una productora puede ayudarte a escoger el más adecuado para llegar a tu público objetivo.

Effective and efficient communication

Los mensajes audiovisuales realizados por una productora, se verán respaldados por un equipo de profesionales del medio que aportan su conocimiento y su técnica para transmitir el mensaje de forma eficaz.

Improve brand image and positioning

If in addition to taking care of the aesthetics of the video and spreading it in the media, the YouTube channel is uploaded to the brand in an appropriate way, the video can appear among the top positions of Google result.

At CPWorks we produce audiovisual products and services of the highest quality and creativity for companies or individuals, corporations and institutions, covering all types of events, planning and filming campaigns and commercials, creating brand content, streaming and multi-camera creation.

At CPWorks we have the best audiovisual technology and the most qualified professionals in the sector to make high quality videos using clear and simple language, in a decisive and efficient way.

CPWorks advertising campaigns have a careful audiovisual production and provide our customers spots with an impeccable aesthetic. In addition, as an audiovisual studio, we help you define and project your advertising strategy, analyse your specific needs and develop the best audiovisual campaign for your company or group.

We have the best audiovisual technology and the most qualified professionals in the sector to produce high quality videos

We offer production of promotional or advertising videos, videos and corporate videoclips for companies, film production of short and feature films, live recording and broadcasting of events (streaming), as well as digital postproduction service.

We help turn the communication objectives to audiovisual language, we document all the information that we can use, we write the script and organize the production, we record in 4K, we edit and deliver in the appropriate format for the channel that the customer needs, we promote the video, managing positioning on the Web, Social Networks, Cinema or Television.

“Ayudamos a convertir los objetivos de comunicación a lenguaje audiovisual”

CPWorks is a company specialized in providing advertising services to advertisers. The basic services we provide are: communication strategy, creativity and planning and purchase of media. We also offer graphic and audiovisual production services, meaning, the production of advertising pieces for all media: television, cinema, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc. Other usual services are: advice and/or conduct in market research, promotion, public and institutional relations, direct marketing and relationships.

As audiovisual producers, at CPWorks we know that the idea is the motor that generates the need to tell a story. It is the one that encourages us, provokes us and encourages us to share with others something that is spinning in our head. On this idea we will begin to work to make it visible to others through our video.

At CPWorks we are aware of all video production processes and we can help you create the one that best suits your specific needs, with professionalism and the level of excellence you deserve.

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