Animation Production

An animation production company can make the business image that is projected through an animation video get an added value of positivism in the public and provide an image of creativity that is associated with the brand. This allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition in a unique and novel way, while also informing about products and services by telling your story.

How an animation production company works

Animation is a category of audiovisual art in which there are no real images taken from a shoot, but only animation techniques are used. Of these techniques, for example, we are all familiar with the cartoon (two-dimensional).

We are also familiar with 3D animation using contents from photographs of models. Animated drawings are photographed image by image. However, in recent years, the trend has been to recreate the animation using computer technology.

Animation video produces the illusion of movement. Through the computer, it produces images that project one behind the other, generating a sensation of movement in two or three dimensions.

The real image video records true continuous motion and is projected as recorded.

Ventajas de realizar un vídeo de animación en 3D para tu proyecto

Currently, 3D animation is well known, but it was a very new thing in the 1990s. There was a “before and after” the premier in 1993 of the movie Jurassic Park , which was a boom in animation worldwide. From there, the designs have evolved and over the years are increasingly dynamic and organic. Animation is the mainstay of the audiovisual industry, since it affects all the others such as cinema, internet and videogames.

Animation video now uses renders. This technical word is an English word used in audiovisual production companies and in the most common animation programs.

Designs have evolved and with the passage of the years are more and more dynamic and organic

The renders are used to draw and design invented objects, which are nonexistent in real life, from a 3D model generating images or video calculating the lighting. Their appearance boosted not only the field of animation and advertising, but also architecture, graphic and industrial design, etc.


CPWorks, your professional video animation production company

CPWorks is also a producer of professional animation videos. At present, these audiovisual contents are most attractive both for viewers on websites and on social networks.

It is the most modern solution to improve brand image and strengthen corporate identity. All audiences on interactive and multimedia channels like animation videos. In the case of YouTube, for example, these formats are audience leaders.

We invite you to create your video with CPWorks as your animation production company. We advise you on all the essential steps, from production to creative design, so that your brand image leaves a lasting impression on the viewer in the most original way.

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